Anti-Banner blocks ad banners on websites and in application interfaces.
Private Browsing
Private Browsing detects requests sent by the web browser to tracking services and can modify requests to and
responses from tracking services in a way that protects you from tracking of your online activity.
Safe Money
Safe Money provides protection of confidential data when using online banking services and payment systems, and
prevents theft of funds when making online payments.
Secure Keyboard Input
Secure Keyboard Input provides protection from keyloggers for personal data entered on websites. On-Screen
Keyboard prevents interception of data entered on the hardware keyboard and protects personal data against
interception attempts that use screen shots.
Trusted Applications mode
Trusted Applications mode protects the computer from applications that may be unsafe. When Trusted Applications
mode is enabled, Kaspersky Internet Security allows running only applications that are identified as trusted (for example,
based on information about an application from Kaspersky Security Network, or a trusted digital signature).
Parental Control
Parental Control is designed to protect children and teenagers from threats related to computer and Internet use.
Parental Control allows you to set flexible restrictions on access to web resources and applications for different users
depending on their age. In addition, Parental Control allows viewing statistical reports on the activities of controlled users.
Online Management
If Kaspersky Internet Security is installed on a computer and you have an account on My Kaspersky portal, you can
manage protection of this computer remotely.
Participating in the Protect a Friend program
Participation in the Protect a Friend program allows you to receive bonus points when you share links to Kaspersky
Internet Security with your friends. You can exchange your bonus points for a bonus activation code for Kaspersky
Internet Security.
Kaspersky Internet Security provides the following new features:
The application now switches to limited functionality mode when the license expires.
Interaction of the application with supported browsers has been improved: now a single extension is used
instead of several separate plug-ins.
Anti-Phishing protection has been improved.
The graphic user interface has been improved.
The size of the application installation package has been reduced.
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