Specifics of Autorun operation
The autorun process logs the results of its operation. Data is logged in text files named "kl-autorun-<date><time>.log".
To view the types of data, open the Run window (Run command under Windows XP) and in the Open field type
%TEMP% and click OK.
All trace files are saved at the path to setup files that were downloaded during operation of the autorun process. Data is
stored for the duration of operation of the autorun process and deleted permanently when this process is terminated.
Data is not sent anywhere.
Kaspersky Internet Security limitations under Microsoft Windows 10
The following functionality is partly limited in the application installed on the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system:
Self-Defense. Self-Defense of the application GUI does not work even when it is enabled.
System Watcher.
Protection against cryptors and screen lockers. The application can detect only the most basic varieties
of cryptors and screen lockers.
Malware disinfection in the system memory.
Protection against screenshots.
Clipboard data protection.
Protection of the Protected Browser process against external attacks.
Limitations on the operation of Application Control under Microsoft Windows 10:
Custom application rules do not work.
Application categorization in the new Windows user interface style is performed incorrectly.
The Application Control component does not support the following operations and functions:
Hooks installation
Taking screenshots
Sending windows messages to other processes
Suspicious operations
Hooking incoming messages of the stream
Direct access to physical memory
Setting debug privileges
Access to password storage
Managing printer driver
Using program interfaces of other processes
Access to internal browser data
Access to critical objects of the operating system
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