Kaspersky Internet Security monitors only those protected connection which it is able to decrypt. The application does
not monitor connections added to the list of exclusions (Websites link in the Network settings window). The following
components perform decryption and scanning of encrypted traffic by default:
Web Anti-Virus
Safe Money
Kaspersky URL Advisor
Parental Control
Kaspersky Internet Security decrypts encrypted traffic while the user is using the Google Chrome browser if the
Kaspersky Protection extension is disabled in this browser.
Warning about operation of the Anti-Spam component
Anti-Spam functionality can be configured by editing the settings file for the Anti-Spam component.
Specifics of kernel memory scanning for rootkits in Protected Browser mode
When an untrusted module is detected in Protected Browser mode, a new browser tab opens with a notification about
malware detection. If this happens, you are recommended to exit the browser and run a Full Scan of the computer.
Specifics of clipboard data protection
Kaspersky Internet Security allows an application to access clipboard in the following cases:
An application with the active window attempts to place data in clipboard. The active window is the window that
you are currently using.
A trusted process of an application attempts to place data in clipboard.
A trusted process of an application or a process with the active window attempts to receive data from clipboard.
A an application process that previously placed data in clipboard attempts to receive this data from clipboard.
Warning about compatibility with Kaspersky Lab applications
Kaspersky Internet Security is compatible with the following Kaspersky Lab applications:
Kaspersky Fraud Prevention 2.0
Kaspersky Fraud Prevention 2.5
Kaspersky Fraud Prevention 3.0
Kaspersky Fraud Prevention 3.5
Kaspersky Password Manager 2.0
Kaspersky Password Manager 5.0
Kaspersky Password Manager 7.0
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