You can receive technical support via My Kaspersky portal in the following ways:
Contact Technical Support and the Virus Lab.
Contact Technical Support without using email.
Track the status of your requests in real time.
You can also view a complete history of your technical support requests.
Email request to Technical Support
You have to specify the following information in your email request to Technical Support:
Application name and version number
Operating system name and version number
Problem description
A Technical Support representative will send an answer to your question to My Kaspersky portal.
Online request to the Virus Lab
You can send requests for examination of suspicious files and web resources to the Virus Lab. You can also contact the
Virus Lab if Kaspersky Internet Security generates a false positive with regard to files and web resources that you do not
consider to be dangerous.
After you notify Technical Support specialists of a problem, they may ask you to create a report that contains information
about your operating system and send it to Technical Support. Technical Support specialists may also ask you to create
a trace file. The trace file allows tracing the process of performing application commands step by step and determining
the stage of application operation at which an error occurs.
After Technical Support specialists analyze the data that you have sent, they can create an AVZ script and send it to you.
Running AVZ scripts allows analyzing active processes for malicious code, scanning the system for malicious code,
disinfecting / deleting infected files, and creating reports on results of system scans.
To provide better support on issues related to functioning of the application, Technical Support specialists may ask you
to temporarily change application settings for debugging purposes while diagnostics are ongoing. To do so, you may
need to perform the following actions:
Activate collection of extended diagnostic information.
Configure individual components of the application by changing special settings that are not accessible through
the standard user interface.
Reconfigure storage and sending of collected diagnostic information.
Set up interception of network traffic and saving of network traffic to a file.
Technical Support specialists will give you all information necessary for performing these actions (step-by-step
instructions, settings to be changed, scripts, additional command line features, debugging modules, special utilities, etc.)
and will inform you of what data will be collected for debugging purposes. After the extended diagnostic information is
collected, it is saved on the user's computer. The collected data is not sent automatically to Kaspersky Lab.
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