Perform Erase Codes function only after systems have
been checked completely and DTCs have been written
To erase codes from the vehicle computer:
1. Set the ignition to Key On and Engine Off. Do NOT start the
vehicle. The engine should not be running.
2. Press and hold the ERASE key for 3 seconds then release, or
select Erase Codes from Diagnostic Menu; press ENTER.
3. 
one of the following options.
 To proceed with the operation: Press ENTER for YES.
 To cancel the operation and return to the Diagnostic Menu:
Press BACK for NO.
The Tool will automatically perform the Read Codes function after
erasing codes. The Tool will then indicate the number of codes
If after erasing codes a DTC returns, the problem has
MIL Status
MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) status indicates if the vehicle computer
is telling the MIL to illuminate when the engine is running.
 MIL ON indicates that the Malfunction Indicator Lamp should
be ON.
 MIL OFF indicates that the Malfunction Indicator Lamp should
be OFF.
I/M Monitors (Emissions)
Inspection / Maintenance Monitors provide a snapshot of the Emission
System operations by indicating that the I/M Monitors are Ready or Not
Ready. For an I/M Monitor to be Ready, the vehicle must have com-
pleted a drive cycle (been driven long enough under proper conditions
to have completed a drive cycle). A Monitor must be listed as Ready to
pass an emissions test. If an I/M Monitor is Not Ready, it is because a
drive cycle has not completed.
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