Vehicle Selection
            
     
into the vehicle controller in 2000, but it was not an OBD II mandate
AutoID™, but vehicles after 2005 should support AutoID™. If the tool is
on a vehicle with a model year (MY) newer than the tool has coverage
for, it will be AutoID™ as MY OBD II/EOBD, or 2012 OBD II/EOBD.
Select AutoID™, Manual, or Prev from the Vehicle Diagnostics menu
with the up or down arrow keys.
If the vehicle is a year 2000 or newer, select AutoID™.
If the vehicle is 1999 or older, or if the vehicle is 2000 to 2004
but does not support AutoID™, select Manual.
If the previously tested vehicle listed after Prev: is desired,
space after Prev: will be blank.
Follow screen prompts to enter or provide vehicle information.
9Allows mixing and matching of vehicle data.
9The OBD II/EOBD selection is provided for vehicles that are
9If you have previously selected a vehicle it will appear as a
menu selection after Asian vehicles.
9If you wish to select a vehicle other than the previous vehicle,
selections until the vehicle selection is complete.
Erase Codes
The Erase function performs the following:
9Erases Codes 
Permanent codes can only be erased by the vehicle.
9May erase Freeze Data, O2 Monitor Test, and Diagnostic
Monitor Test results depending on the vehcle.
9Sets I/M Monitors to not ready.
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