The following icons may appear on the display:
Indicates additional information is available on next
screen by using the  ERASE key.
Indicates additional information is available on pre-
vious screen by using the READ key.
is indicating a malfunction is present.
Pending codes are reported when a problem occurs
during the current or last completed drive cycle.
code that only the vehicle can erase.
# of # Appears only when viewing codes. Indicates code
sequence and quantity (code # of n). For example,
if you see 2 of 9 you are looking at the 2nd of 9
codes reported by the computer module.
Mod $## Appears only when viewing codes. Indicates the
computer module that reported the code.
Indicates that the READ and ERASE hot keys
are active.
Connect the Tool
To connect the Tool to the vehicle:
1. Locate the OBD II connector under the steering column.
If the connector is not there, a label should be there indicating
the whereabouts of the connector. For more information on OBD
II connectors, go to http://www.obdclearinghouse.com/oemdb.
2. If necessary, remove the cover from the vehicle connector.
3. Turn the ignition switch to the ON position. Do not start the
4. Plug the OBD II Connector attached to the Tool into the vehicle
The Tool automatically reads Codes and I/M Monitors and dis-
plays the data. When done viewing data, press BACK key to
return to Diagnostic Menu.
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