About the Tool
The Tool allows you to retrieve and erase/reset diagnostic data from
the vehicle control module. The diagnostic data can be used to help
determine the cause of a vehicle malfunction.
Use the Tool to perform the following functions:
Codes/Data Erase/Reset Retrieve
Confirmed Codes Erase
Pending Codes Erase
Permanent Codes --
ViewData --
MIL Status --
I/M Monitors Reset
Freeze Data Erase
VehicleInformation --
State OBD Check Erase
Drive Cycle Monitor Reset
O2 Monitor Test Erase
Diagnostic Monitor Test Erase
On-Board Systems --
Tool Parts
LCD Display 8 line by 21 character monochrome backlit
 READ key Performs the Read Codes function and scrolls
back through the screens. Press this key
when an up arrow () appears on the display.
 ERASE key Performs the Erase Codes function and
scrolls forward through the screens. Press
this key when a down arrow () appears on
the display.
ENTER key Selects displayed items.
BACK key Returns to the Diagnostic Menu or previous
OBD II Connector Connects the Tool to the vehicle connector.
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