 Most vehicles are equipped with air bags. If you elect to work
around air bag components or wiring, follow your vehicle
service manual cautions. You could be seriously injured or
killed by an unintended deployment.
The air bag can still open several minutes
after ignition is turned off.
 Always follow vehicle manufacturer’s warnings, cautions, and
service procedures.
Using the CD
The included CD is NOT required to operate the Tool. Install the CD
application prior to connecting the Tool to the PC. Some of the items
included on the CD are:
Manuals included with Tool
Tool update software
Adobe Acrobat Reader Installer
To be able to use the included CD the PC must meet the following
minimum requirements:
CD ROM Drive
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Internet Explorer 4.0 or newer
Screen Resolution of 800 x 600
If screen resolution is 800 x 600, in Display Properties, Settings
Tab, set Font Size to Small Fonts.
 Use Scanning Suite to determine if any updates are available
for your tool by clicking Check for Update button.
 Check for updates to Use Scanning Suite by clicking on the
Check For Scanning Suite Update button. This should be
done prior to checking for Tool Updates.
 
Frequency) to automatically check every xx minutes. The
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