Safety Precautions
This User’s Manual describes the features of the Tool and provides
step-by-step instructions for operating the Tool. Always refer to and follow
safety messages and test procedures provided by the manufacturer of
the vehicle and the Tool.
Read the User’s Manual completely before operating the Tool. An
undetected or uncorrected vehicle malfunction could cause a serious,
even fatal, accident. Important Safety Information in the User’s Manual is
intended to protect the user, bystanders and the user’s vehicle.
Signal Words Used
Indicates a possible hazardous situation which, if not
avoided, could result in death or serious injury to
operator or bystanders.
Indicates a condition which may result in lost information.
Indicates a single-step procedure.
Important Safety Messages
 Always wear ANSI approved goggles for eye protection.
 Before testing a vehicle, make sure the transmission is in PARK
(automatic transmission) or Neutral (manual transmission) and the
parking brake is set.
 Never lay tools on the vehicle battery.
 Battery acid can burn. If contacted, rinse with water or neutralize
with a mild base such as baking soda. If you splash your eyes,
 
gasoline and battery are explosive.
 Do not use the Tool if internal circuitry has been exposed to
 Always turn the ignition key OFF when connecting or
disconnecting electrical components, unless otherwise instructed.
WARNING This Tool may not detect every malfunction. Do not take
chances with brakes, steering, or other vital functions of your vehicle,
as a serious accident could result.
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