Tool Description
TCA_CINP, TCB_CINP Turbocharger Compressor Inlet Pressure Sensor A, Pressure Sensor
TCA_CINT, TCB_CINT Turbocharger A Compressor Inlet Temperature, Turbocharger B
TCA_COUT, TCB_COUT Turbocharger A Compressor Outlet Temperature, Turbocharger B
TCA_RPM, TCB_RPM Turbocharger A RPM, B RPM
Turbocharger A Turbine Outlet Temperature, Turbocharger B
TCA_TINT, TCB_TINT Turbocharger A Turbine Inlet Temperature, Turbocharger B
THROT CMD Commanded Throttle Actuator Control
TP G Absolute Throttle Position G
TQ_ACT Actual Engine - Percent Torque
TQ_DD Driver's Demand Engine - Percent Torque
TQ_MAX1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Engine Percent Torque At Point 1 (Idle), Point 2, 3, 4, 5
TQ_REF Engine Reference Torque
TROUB CODE Code causing the Freeze Frame
VEHSPEED VehicleSpeed
VGT_A_ACT,B_ACT VariableGeometryTurboAPosition,TurboB
VGT_A_CMD,B_CMD CommandedVariableGeometryTurboAPosition,TurboB
VGT_A_STAT,B_STAT VariableGeometryTurboAControlStatus,TurboB
VPWR ControlModuleVoltage
WG_A_ACT, B_ACT Wastegate A Position, B Position
WG_A_CMD, B_CMD Commanded Wastegate A Control, B Control
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