The Acronyms function allows the user to view acronyms and abbrevia-
tions used by the Scan Tool.
9Acronyms function is accessed from the Diagnostic Menu
Component Locator
ponents found on the selected vehicle.
The Component Locator function can be selected from the
Diagnostic menu. Since Component Locator provides vehicle
stored in the Scan Tool.
Updating Your Tool
1. Install Scanning Suite. Refer to Using the CD.
2. Connect USB Cable to Tool and PC.
3. From the DIagnostic Menu, select Program Mode.
4. Start Scanning Suite. Click on Tool Update Icon and follow in-
If a “LINK ERROR” message appears, cycle the ignition key
to the OFF position for 10 seconds, then back ON, then press
the ENTER key. Make sure the ignition key is in the ON
not the ACCESSORY position.
If the MIL Status is ON and the MIL is not illuminated with the
engine running, then a problem exists in the MIL circuit.
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