On Non-CAN vehicles the Tool displays:
test data (test ID)
maximum value (MAX)
test measurements (MEAS)
minimum value (MIN)
status (STS)
numbers (i.e., $1A, $FE, $11.)
module (MOD)
On CAN vehicles the Tool displays:
Test performed. The test performed can be $## if test is not
Measured values and units of measure (such as volts, amps,
Status of monitor test data.
Module ID where the monitor test data came from.
On-Board Systems
The On-Board Systems test allows the Tool to control operation of
vehicle components, tests, or systems.
9Some manufacturers do not allow tools to control vehicle
systems. A vehicle not supporting an on-board system is
9Refer to the appropriate vehicle service manual for on-board
systems instructions.
9After selecting On-Board Systems, a list of on-board
systems and components available for testing are shown on
the display.
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