Drive Cycle Monitor
The Drive Cycle Monitor function is very similar to the I/M Monitors
though the Drive Cycle Monitor is used to view REAL TIME operations
of the Emissions System on OBD II vehicles.
9Drive Cycle Monitor continuously updates as the vehicle
reports operations of the Emission System.
9Refer to the vehicle service manual for how to perform a drive
9Drive Cycle Monitor will only show the monitors that are inc
(incomplete). When all monitors are complete the Tool will
display a message.
See I/M Monitors for more information.
View Freeze Data
Displays a snapshot of operating conditions at the time the Diagnostic
Vehicle Information
Performance Tracking (IPT).
OBD II compliant vehicles.
vehicles. Also, not every vehicle supports every piece of
System Setup
System Setup allows:
 Display contrast to be changed
 Tool information to be viewed
 Display to be checked
 Operation of the keypad to be checked
 Memory of the Tool to be checked
 Language to be changed
 Units of measure to be changed
 Long PID Names to be enabled/disabled
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