The Tool will indicate Ready (ok), Not Ready (inc), or Not Applicable
(n/a) for each I/M Monitor. The Tool supports the following I/M Monitors:
Monitors Expanded Name
 
Fuel System Mon Fuel System Monitor
Comp Component Comprehensive Components Monitor
Catalyst Mon Catalyst Monitor
Htd Catalyst Heated Catalyst Monitor
Evap System Mon Evaporative System Monitor
Sec Air System Secondary Air System Monitor
A/C Refrig Mon Air Conditioning Refrigerant Monitor
Oxygen Sens Mon Oxygen Sensor Monitor
Oxygen Sens Htr Oxygen Sensor Heater Monitor
 
NMHC Cat Mon Non-Methane Hydrocarbon Catalyst
NOX Treat Mon Nitrogen Oxide Treatment
Boost Pres Mon Boost Pressure
Exhst Gas Sensr Exhaust Gas Sensor
PM Filter Mon Particulate Matter Filter
This is a complete list of I/M Monitors supported by the Tool. The number
of Monitors read by the Tool from your vehicle may vary. A diesel vehicle,
for example, does not have an Oxygen Sensor Monitor. As a result,
there will be no Oxygen Sensor Monitor status for a diesel vehicle.
Two types of I/M Monitors tests are:
Since DTCs Cleared - shows status of the monitors since the
DTCs were last erased.
This Drive Cycle - shows status of monitors since the start
of the current drive cycle. Refer to the vehicle service manual
for more detailed information on emission-related monitors
and their status.
9Some vehicles do not support This Drive Cycle. If vehicle
supports both types of monitors the I/M Monitors Menu
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