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Using the Tool
Tool Power Up
Power for the Tool can come from the vehicle or an internal 9V battery.
All functions work when the Tool is
connected to the car. The Review Data,
Print Data, Code Lookup, and System
Setup functions will also work on internal
battery power.
Vehicle Power
The Tool will automatically turn on when connected to the vehicle.
1. Connect the
Ve hicle Dia gnost ic s Ca ble
to the Tool.
2. Connect the other end of the
Ve hicle Dia gnostics Ca ble
to the
on the vehicle.
The Tool receives power from the vehicle when the
Ve hicle Dia gnost ics
Ca ble
is plugged into the vehicle
. If there are power up problems,
see “Tool Does Not Power Up” on page 5-1.
Internal Battery
key turns the Tool ON and
OFF when operating on battery power.
Press and hold the
key for at
least 1 second to turn the Tool on or
The Tool will automatically turn off after 2
minutes of inactivity when powered from the
internal 9V battery.
When powered from the internal battery, the
Tool turns off the backlighting for the display if no key presses are made
during a 1-minute period.
If a key is pressed prior to the Tool powering off, the backlighting for the
display will turn back on.
The Tool must be attached to the vehicle to perform diagnostic
functions. The Tool disables the diagnostic functions when powered
from the internal battery.
Each time the Tool is powered up, the voltage of the internal battery is
If the voltage is low, the Low Battery Symbol displays on the
Replace the battery using instructions provided in “Battery Replace-
ment” on page 5-2.
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