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Getting Started
breached by unexpected braking, wheel stoppage, or decelleration, the
airbags will deploy to restrict the forward movement of the vehicle
The SRS ACU monitors itself and sensors feeding information to it.
When problems in the system occur a DTC is generated in the same
way as the ABS and OBDII systems. These DTCs can be read by the
Tool through the Data Link Connector (DLC). Serious SRS problems
will illuminate the SRS, or similar, Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL).
On-Board Diagnostics
OBD II (On-Board Diagnostics version II) is a system that the Society
of Automotive Engineers (SAE) developed to standardize automotive
electronic diagnosis. Beginning in 1996, most new vehicles sold in the
USA were OBD II compliant.
As a result of OBDII, Technicians now can use the same tool to test any
OBD II compliant vehicle without special adapters. SAE established
guidelines that provide:
A universal connector, called the Data Link Connector (DLC), with
dedicated pin assignments.
A standard location for the Data Link Connector (DLC), visible under
the dash on driver’s side.
A standard list of diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) used by all manu-
A standard list of parameter identification (PID) data used by all manu-
Ability for vehicle systems to record operating conditions when fault
Expanded diagnostic capabilities that records a code whenever a con-
dition occurs that affects vehicle emissions.
Ability to clear stored codes from vehicles memory with Tool.
Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL)
The dashboard or instrument panel of your vehicle contains several
lights labeled something similar to ABS, or Anti-Lock, SRS, or Airbag,
and Check Engine. These lights indicate problems with the systems
being represented. Refer to your owner's manual for a description of the
lights in your vehicle. Each time your vehicle is started, the computers
perform a self-test to make sure the components are working correctly.
If the any computer detects a malfunction, an MIL will turn on. When the
MIL is on, a DTC is stored in the respective computer.
Data Link Connector
The Tool uses a Data Link Connector (DLC) to communicate with the
vehicle’s control module.
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