DTC Type Description
History Intermittent codes placed in the vehicle’s memory when the trou-
ble originally occurred, and will remain there even if the trouble
has been corrected. If no trouble after 50 engine warm-up cycles,
the DTC will be erased.
Confirmed Confirmed codes are reported when a component, sensor, or
other part of the vehicle is indication a malfunction is present.
Current Codes transmitted through the PCMs data stream when a trouble
condition is active and cannot be erased. The problem must be
repaired to remove the DTC.
Intermittent Indicates the current code has been set at least once but possibly
not enough to cause a history code to be stored.
MIL Indicates that this DTC has turned on the MIL light.
Pending Pending codes are also referred to as continuous monitor or
maturing codes. An intermittent fault causes the control module to
store a code in memory. If the fault does not occur within a certain
number of warm-up cycles (depending on vehicle), the code clears
from memory. If fault occurs a specific number of times, the code
matures into a DTC and the MIL illuminates or blinks. This function
can be used with KOEO or KOER.
Non-MIL DTC that is not emission-related and did not turn on the MIL light.
MIL Code This DTC type also has a number with it indicating that this is the
code number turning on the MIL. Vehicle service manuals may
refer to this number instead of the one listed in the DTC number
Permanent Permanent codes are a special type of confirmed code. Perma-
nent codes began being reported by vehicles around 2010, and
therefore not supported by every vehicle. While Confirmed Codes
can be erased by the Tool, Permanent Codes cannot. Permanent
Codes are erased by the vehicle when the vehicle has determined
the fault is no longer present.
SCI Hex On some vehicles, the code returned by the vehicle is not known
by the Scan Tool. If this happens, the Scan Tool will display this
type along with the code number.
Active DTC that was present at the time of Scan Tool request.
Stored DTC that was not present at the time of Scan Tool request.
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