Burner Will Not Light (match or ignitor)
or Burners Not Hot Enough
• No sparks appear at any electrodes when
ignition button is pushed; no noise can be
heard from spark module.
• No sparks appear at any electrodes when
ignition switch is pushed; noise can be heard
from spark module.
• Sparks are present but not at all electrodes
and/or not at full strength
Flames Smokey Yellow
Burner Lights With Match Not With Ignitor
(no spark)
Flame Blows Out/Down Through Base
Too Much Heat/Excessive Flare-up
Persistent Grease Fire
Flames Under Heat Control Console
Regulator Humming
Incomplete Flame
(fire in burner tube(s)).
Unable to fill LP cylinder.
One burner does not light from other burner(s).
Sudden drop in gas flow or low flame.
• Blocked venturi tubes
• Cylinder or gas supply valve turned off
• Venturi tubes not properly seated over valve
• Burner ports blocked
• Low or out of propane
• Flow control device activated
Regulator not fully tightened into cylinder
• Battery not installed properly.
• Dead battery.
• Button assembly not installed properly.
• Faulty spark module.
• Output lead connections not connected.
• Output lead connections not connected.
• Arcing to grill away from burner(s).
• Weak battery.
• Electrodes are wet.
• Electrodes cracked or broken "sparks at crack".
• Partially blocked venturi tubes
• Excess cooking salts on burner
Air shutter closed
(side burner only)
• Loose wire connection
• Broken electrode ceramic
• Poor ground
• Faulty Ignitor
• High wind conditions
• Propane low
• Excessive fat in meat
• Grease drain plugged
• Cooking system clogged with grease
• Cooking system not positioned correctly
• Blocked venturis
• This is not a defect or a hazard.
• Plugged, rusted, or leaking burner
• Burner and/or burner tubes are blocked.
• Some dealers have older fill nozzles
with worn threads.
• Grease buildup or food particles in
end(s) of carryover tube(s).
• Out of gas.
• Excess flow valve tripped.
• Vapor lock at coupling nut/LP cylinder
Clean out blockage (Page 7)
Open cylinder or gas supply valve
Ensure proper venturi assembly (Page 3)
Clean/replace burner (Page 8)
Refill cylinder
Follow correct lighting procedure (Page 10, 11, & 12)
Perform leak test and correct leaks (Page 7)
Tighten regulator fully (hand tight) into cylinder
Check battery orientation.
(Page 9)
Has battery been used previously? Replace Battery.
Check to insure threads are properly engaged.
Button should travel up and down without binding.
If no sparks are generated with new battery and good wire
connections, module is faulty.
Are output connections on and tight?
Remove and reconnect all output connections at module and
Are output connections on and tight?
Remove and reconnect all output connections at module and
If possible, observe grill in dark location. Operate ignition system
and look for arcing between output wires and grill frame. If sparks
are observed other than from burner(s), wire insulation may be
damaged. Replace wires.
All sparks present but weak or at slow rate. Replace battery with a
new AA-size alkaline battery.
Has moisture accumulated on electrode and/or in burner ports?
Use paper towel to remove moisture.
Inspect electrodes for cracks, if found, replace cracked or broken
Clean out blockage (Page 7)
Clean burner (Page 8)
Open air shutter
Check all connections are tight
• Replace
Ensure collector box, burner and ignitor are assembled properly.
Relocate barbeque back towards wind
Refill cylinder
Trim meat/turn down burner controls and/or fuel supply
Clean casting base and burner (Page 8)
Clean smart bars, heat distribution plate (Page 8)
Position cooking system correctly
Immediately shut off gas at source, allow grill to cool and clean out
venturis (Page 7)
Temporary condition caused by high outside temperature and
usually a full L.P. cylinder
Clean/replace burner (Page 8)
Turn knobs to OFF. Clean burner and/or burner tubes.
See burner cleaning section of Use and Care.
• The worn nozzles don't have enough "bite" to engage the valve.
Try a second LP dealer.
• Clean carry-over tube(s) with wire brush.
• Check for gas in LP cylinder.
• Turn off knobs, wait 30 seconds and light grill. If flames are still
low, turn off knobs and LP cylinder valve. Disconnect regulator.
Reconnect regulator and leak-test. Turn on LP cylinder valve, wait
30 seconds and then light grill.
• Turn off knobs and LP cylinder valve. Disconnect coupling nut
from cylinder. Reconnect and retry.
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