• 3 Years from date of purchase.
• JASIC Technologies America Inc Ltd warranties all goods as specified by the manufacturer
of those goods.
• This Warranty does not cover freight or goods that have been interfered with.
• All goods in question must be repaired by an authorised repair agent as appointed by this
• Warranty does not cover abuse, mis-use, accident, theft, general wear and tear.
• New product will not be supplied unless JASIC Technologies America Inc has inspected
product returned for warranty and agree to replace product.
• Product will only be replaced if repair is not possible
• Please view full Warranty term and conditions supplied with machine or at www.razorweld.com
or at the back of this manual.
Thank you for your purchase of your RAZORWELD Welding Machine.
We are proud of our range of welding equipment that has a proven track record of innovation, performance and
reliability. Our product range represents the latest developments in Inverter technology put together by our
professional team of highly skilled engineers. The expertise gained from our long involvement with inverter tech-
nology has proven to be invaluable towards the evolution and future development of our equipment range. This
experience gives us the inside knowledge on what the arc characteristics, performance and interface between
man and machine should be. Within our team are specialist welders that have a proven history of welding knowl-
edge and expertise, giving vital input towards ensuring that our machines deliver control and performance to the
utmost professional level. We employ an expert team of professional sales, marketing and technical personnel
that provide us with market trends, market feedback and customer comments and requirements. Secondly they
provide a customer support service that is second to none, thus ensuring our customers have condence that
they will be well satised both now and in the future.
RAZORWELD welders are manufactured and compliant with - CAN/CSA E60974-1 &
ANSI/IEC 60974-1, guaranteeing you electrical safety and performance.
California Proposition 65
WARNING: This product contains or produces a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth
defects (or other reproductive harm) (California Health and Safety Code Section 25249.5 et seq.)
WARNING: This product, when used for welding or cutting, produces fumes or gases which contain chemicals
known to the State of California to cause birth defects and, in some cases, cancer (California Health and Safety
Code Section 25249.5 et seq.).
• California Health and Safety Code, Section 25249.4 through 25249.13.
• The California Oce of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, 301 Capitol Mall, Sacramento, CA
95814; telephone 916-445-6900.
• California Proposition 65 website: www.oehha.ca.gov/prop65.html.
• American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Product Safety Signs And Labels (ANSI Z535.4), available
from ANSI, 25 West 43rd Street, New York, NY 10036; telephone: 212-642-4900; web site: www.ansi.org.
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