Mig Torch Liner Installation
(1) Lay the torch out straight on the ground and remove the front end parts
(2) Remove the liner retaining nut.
(3) Carefully pull the liner out of the torch cable assembly
(4) Select the correct new liner and carefully unravel avoiding putting any kinks in the liner, if you kink the
liner it will make it no good and will require replacement.
(5) Carefully and slowly feed the liner in short forward movements down the cable assembly all the way
through and out the torch neck end. Avoid kinking the liner, kinking liner it will make it no good and
require replacement.
(6) Fit the liner retaining nut and screw down only 1/2 way
(7) Leaving the torch straight snip the liner approximately 1/8in past the end of the torch neck
(8) Place the tip holder over the end of the liner and screw into the torch neck trimming it up tight.
(9) Screw down the liner nut the remaining 1/2 and trim it up tight. This method compresses the liner
inside the torch cable assembly preventing it moving during use and ensures good wire feed.
(2) Remove the liner retaining nut (3) Carefully pull out and completely
remove the liner
(4) Carefully unravel the new liner
(8) Replace the front end parts
(5) Carefully feed in the new liner down the
torch lead all the way to exit the torch neck.
(9) Fully screw down the liner retaining nut
and nip it up tight.
(6) Fit the liner retaining nut and screw only
1/2 way down
(1) Remove mig torch front end parts
(7) Snip the liner o 1/8mm past the end
of the torch neck.
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