Installation set up for MIG Welding with RAZOR 250K
(1) Select the MIG function with the TIG/ARC/MIG selector switch.
(2) Select Standard using the Standard/Spool Gun selector switch.
(3) Plug the welding torch into the Euro Mig torch connection socket on the front panel, and tighten it.
(4) Insert the earth cable plug into the required polarity and tighten - negative for gas shielded wires
positive for gas less wires. The weld power cable goes into the opposing negative or positive socket.
(5) Connect Gas Line to Gas Regulator and connect the gas regulator to the Gas Cylinder.
(7) Place the Wire Spool onto the Spool Holder - Note: the spool retaining nut is Left Hand thread.
Snip the wire from the spool being sure to hold the wire to prevent rapid uncoiling. Feed the wire into
the wire feeder inlet guide tube through to the drive roller.
(8) Carefully feed the wire over the drive roller into the outlet guide tube, feed through about 5.91 inches
into the torch receptacle. Check that the drive roller being used complies with the wire diameter, replace
the roller if necessary.
(1) Set TIG/ARC/MIG selector
switch to Mig
(2) Set Standard/Spoolgun
selector switch to Standard
(3) Connect Mig torch
(5) Connect the gas line to the regulator
and connect to the gas cylinder
(4) Connect earth lead to re-
quired polarity
for gas shielded wires
for gas-less wires
(6) Fit the correct type and size of drive
rollers.V Groove for Hard Wires. U Groove for
Aluminium. Knurled for Flux Cored
(7) Place wire onto spool holder - (spool retain-
ing nut is left hand thread ) Feed the wire
through the inlet guide tube into the drive
(8) Feed wire over the drive roller into the out-
let guide tube, Push the wire through approx
6 inches.
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