Cleaning and Care (continued)
11. Reinstall burners, checking to insure that gas valve orifice is correctly positioned inside each burner/venturi tube. Also, check position of spark electrode.
12. Replace cooking grid(s).
13. Connect gas cylinder per “Installing Gas Cylinder” section.
14. Perform leak test per “Checking for Leaks” section.
Before Storing
1. Turn the regulator valve handle counterclockwise into the the “OFF” position (Figure C).
2. Turn all control knobs clockwise to the (OFF) position.
Note: A “poof” sound is normal as the last of the gas is burned.
3. Disconnect gas cylinder per “Disconnecting Gas Cylinder” section.
4. Clean all surfaces.
5. Lightly coat the burner(s) and cooking grid(s) with cooking oil to prevent excess rusting.
6. If storing the grill indoors, disconnect the gas cylinder per “Disconnecting Gas Cylinder” section.
7. Place the protective cap cover on the gas cylinder and store the tank outdoors in a well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight.
8. If storing the grill indoors, cover the grill and store in a cool dry place.
9. If storing the grill outdoors, cover the grill with a grill cover for protection from the weather.
Approvals 0359-16
Pin: 0359CR01461
Appliance Category I3+
Weight 40.5 kg / 89.3 lbs
Dimensions (L x W x H) 142cm x 56cm x 121cm
Grilling surface (L x W) 76.0cm x 42.5cm
Load weight Side shelf
Side burner table
Max. 15 kg.
Max. 15 kg.
Gas System
Heat quantity Main burner(Tube)
Main burner(Sear)
Side burner
14.08 kW (48,000 BTU)
5.86 kW (20,000 BTU)
3.52 kW (12,000 BTU)
Mass flow rate 23.45 kW (1705 g/h)
Gas type Butane Propane
Pressure regulator
Flow rate
Operating pressure
Preset and – approved pressure regulator
Max. 1.5 kg/h
28-30 mbar Butnae / 37 mbar Propane
Gas cylinder Standard gas cylinder with a fill weight of 11 or 15 kg
Gas hose approved hose (Max 1.5 m)
Ignition type Integrated ignition
Flame regulation Infinitely adjustable 1 - max.
Nozzle diameter 0.92mm main / 0.74mm main(small) / 0.92 mm Side
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days for a no quibble refund. Don’t forget to include all of the item’s original components and
packaging along with your receipt or other proof of purchase.
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