8 Overview
Projector features
• WUXGA resolution
The projector is HDTV compatible with WUXGA resolution, providing 1920 x 1200 pixels at its
native resolution. (for model SU922)
High picture quality
The projector provides excellent picture quality due to its high resolution, excellent home theater
brightness, super high contrast ratio, vivid color and rich gray-scale reproduction.
• Rich gray-scale
When viewed in a darkened environment, the automatic gamma control provides excellent gray-scale
display which reveals details in shadows and in night or darkened scenes.
Wide variety of inputs and video formats
The projector supports a wide variety of inputs for connection to your video and PC equipment,
including composite video, S-Video, HDMI, PC, and an output trigger for connection to automated
screen and environment lighting systems.
3D function supported
The projector supports 3D format signals and allows you to enjoy 3D movies, videos, and sporting
events in a more realistic way.
• Built-in teaching template
The projector comes with built-in teaching templates, including letter formation, worksheet and
coordinate chart, to make teaching easier.
Corner fit correction
A flexible and convenient way to correct picture distortion by adjusting each corner of an image
independently when projecting on restricted or uneven space.
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