Remote control batteries
1. To open the battery cover, turn the remote
control over to view its back, push on the
finger grip on the cover and slide it up in the
direction of the arrow as illustrated. The
cover will slide off.
2. Remove any existing batteries (if necessary)
and install two new AAA batteries observing
the battery polarities as indicated in the base of the battery compartment. Positive (+) goes to
positive and negative (-) goes to negative.
3. Refit the cover by aligning it with the case and sliding it back up into position. Stop when it clicks into
Notes on handling batteries
Do not mix old batteries with new ones, or mix different types of batteries.
Avoid leaving the remote control and batteries in an excessive hot or humid environment like the
kitchen, bathroom, sauna, sunroom, or in a closed car.
Dispose of used batteries according to the battery manufacturer’s instructions and local environment
regulations for your region.
If the remote control will not be used for an extended period of time, remove the batteries to avoid
damage to the control from possible battery leakage.
Remote control operation
Make sure that there is nothing positioned
between the remote control and the infrared
(IR) sensors on the projector that might
obstruct the IR beam from the remote control
reaching the projector.
The effective range of the remote control is up
to 8 meters, and at an angle within 30 degrees
from the center of the IR beam. Always aim
straight at the projector, however, most
screens will also reflect the IR beam to the
Ceiling mounting the projector
We want you to have a pleasant experience using your BenQ projector, so we need to bring this safety
matter to your attention to prevent damage to person and property.
If you intend to mount your projector on the ceiling, we strongly recommend that you use a proper fitting
BenQ projector ceiling mount kit and that you ensure it is securely and safely installed.
If you use a non-BenQ brand projector ceiling mount kit, there is a safety risk that the projector may fall
from the ceiling due to an improper attachment through the use of the wrong gauge or length screws.
You can purchase a BenQ projector ceiling mount kit from the place you purchased your BenQ projector.
BenQ recommends that you also purchase a separate Kensington lock compatible security cable and attach
it securely to both the Kensington lock slot on the projector and the base of the ceiling mount bracket. This
will perform the secondary role of restraining the projector should its attachment to the mounting bracket
become loose.
Approx. +30º
up to 8 m
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