66 Additional information
Problem Cause Remedy
The projector does
not turn on.
There is no power from the power
Plug the power cable into the AC inlet on the
rear of the projector, and plug the power
cable into to the power outlet. If the power
outlet has a switch, make sure that it is
switched on. (See page 23.)
Attempting to turn the projector on
again during the cooling process.
Wait until the cooling down process has
The lamp cover is not securely
Correctly attach the lamp cover. (See page
No picture.
The video source is not turned on or
connected correctly.
Turn the video source on and check that the
signal cable is connected correctly. (See page
The projector is not correctly
connected to the input source device. Check the connection. (See page 19.)
The input source has not been
correctly selected.
Select the correct input source with the
Source keys on the remote control or
SOURCE on the projector. (See page 24.)
Image is unstable.
The connection cables are not
securely connected to the projector
or the signal source.
Correctly connect the cables to the
appropriate terminals. (See page 19.)
Picture is blurred.
The projection lens is not correctly
Adjust the focus of the lens using the focus
ring. (See page 29.)
The projector and the screen are not
aligned properly.
Adjust the projection angle and direction as
well as the height of this projector if
necessary. (See page 29.)
Remote control does
not work correctly.
The batteries are out of power. Replace both of the batteries with new ones.
(See page 7.)
There is an obstacle between the
remote control and the projector. Remove the obstacle. (See page 7.)
You are too far away from the
Stand within 8 meters (26.2 feet) of the
projector. (See page 7.)
3D content does not
display correctly
The 3D glasses are out of battery. Recharge the 3D glasses.
The settings in the 3D menu are not
set correctly. Correctly set the settings in the 3D menu.
Your Blu-ray Disc is not in 3D
format. Use a 3D Blu-ray Disc and try again.
The input source has not been
correctly selected.
Select the correct source with the SOURCE
key on the projector or remote control.
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