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Resetting the lamp timer
Do not reset the lamp timer if the lamp has not been replaced as this could cause damage.
1. After the start-up logo, press MENU/EXIT and then press / until the System Setup:
Advanced menu is highlighted.
2. Press to highlight Lamp Settings and press MODE/ENTER. The Lamp Settings page is
3. Highlight Reset Lamp Timer and press MODE/ENTER. A warning message is displayed asking if
you want to reset the lamp timer. Highlight Reset and press MODE/ENTER. The lamp time will be
reset to "0".
6. Insert the replacement lamp. Make sure it is
pushed fully and firmly in place.
7. Ensure the handle is fully locked in place.
Tighten the screw securing the lamp box.
Please be careful to not over-tighten the screws.
Loose screws may cause a bad connection, which
could result in malfunction.
8. Replace the lamp cover.
9. Tighten the screws on the lamp cover.
10. Reapply power and turn the projector back
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