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Lamp information
Getting to know the lamp hour
When the projector is in operation, the duration (in hours) of lamp usage is automatically calculated by
the built-in timer.
To obtain the lamp hour information:
1. Press MENU/EXIT and then press / until the System Setup: Advanced menu is highlighted.
2. Press to highlight Lamp Settings and press MODE/ENTER. The Lamp Settings page is
3. Press to highlight Lamp Timer and press MODE/ENTER. The Lamp Timer page is displayed.
4. To leave the menu, press MENU/EXIT.
Extending lamp life
The projection lamp is a consumable item. To keep the lamp life as long as possible, you can do the
following settings via the OSD menu.
Setting Lamp Mode as Economic
Using Economic mode reduces system noise and power consumption. If the Economic mode is
selected, the light output will be reduced and result in darker projected pictures.
Setting the projector in Economic mode also extends the lamp life. To set Economic mode, go to the
System Setup: Advanced > Lamp Settings > Lamp Mode menu and press MODE/ENTER. Press
to select Economic and press MODE/ENTER.
• Setting Auto Power Off
This function allows the projector to turn off automatically if no input source is detected after a set
period of time.
To s e t Auto Power Off, go to the System Setup: Basic > Operation Settings > Auto Power Off
menu and press / to select a time period. The time period can be set for 3 minutes or 10 to 30
minutes in 5-minute increments. If the preset time lengths are not suitable for your presentation, select
Disable. The projector will not automatically shut down in a certain time period.
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