58 Using the projector
Information menu
This menu shows you the current operating status of the projector.
Some picture adjustments are available only when certain input sources are in use. Unavailable adjustments
are not shown on the screen.
Standby Settings
Selecting On enables the function. The projector is able to provide the
network function when it is in standby mode.
Monitor Out
Selecting On enables the function. The projector can output a VGA signal
when it is in standby mode and the PC jack is correctly connected to devices.
See "Connecting a monitor" on page 22 for how to make the connection.
Audio Pass Through
Press / to choose the source that you wish to use in operation mode. See
"Connecting to video equipment" on page 19 for how to make the connection.
When corresponding jacks are correctly connected to the device, the
projector can output an audio signal to the external speaker when it is in
standby mode. The built-in speaker(s) will be muted in standby mode.
Enabling this function slightly increases the standby power
Network Settings
Wired LAN
See "Controlling the projector through a Wired LAN environment" on page 44
for details.
Reset All Settings
Returns all settings to the factory preset values.
The following settings will still remain: names of user modes, 2D
Keystone, Language, Projector Installation, High Altitude, and
Function Description
Source Shows the current signal source.
Picture Mode Shows the selected mode in the Picture > Picture Mode menu.
Lamp Mode Shows the selected lamp mode in the System Setup: Advanced > Lamp
Mode menu.
Resolution Shows the native resolution of the input signal.
3D Format Shows the current 3D mode. Only available when 3D mode is enabled
Color System Shows input system format.
Lamp Usage Time Shows the total lamp time used.
Firmware Version Shows the current firmware version
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