Using the projector
System Setup: Advanced menu
Function Description
High Altitude A mode for operation in areas like high altitude or high temperature. See
"Operating in a high altitude environment" on page 48 for details.
Lamp Settings
Lamp Mode
Selects the projector lamp power among Normal and Economic modes. See
"Setting the lamp mode" on page 43 for details.
Reset Lamp Timer
Once the lamp is renewed, select Reset to return the lamp timer to "0". See
"Resetting the lamp timer" on page 64 for details.
Lamp Timer
Shows the lamp hour information. See "Getting to know the lamp hour" on
page 60 for details.
Security Settings
Password / Power On Lock
Limits use of the projector to only those who know the correct password. See
"Utilizing the password function" on page 26 for details.
Change Password
You will be asked to enter the current password before changing to a new one.
See "Changing the password" on page 28 for details.
Baud Rate
Selects a baud rate that is identical with your computer’s so that you can
connect the projector using a suitable RS-232 cable and update or download
the projector’s firmware. This function is intended for qualified service
Closed Caption
Closed Caption Enable
Activates the function by selecting On when the selected input signal carries
closed captions.
Captions: An on-screen display of the dialogue, narration, and sound effects
of TV programs and videos that are closed captioned (usually marked as
"CC" in TV listings).
Caption Version
Selects a preferred closed captioning mode. To view captions, select CC1,
CC2, CC3, or CC4 (CC1 displays captions in the primary language in your
These functions are only available when the Video signal is
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