54 Using the projector
Display menu
Function Description
Wall Color Corrects the projected picture color when the projection surface is not white.
See "Setting a wall color" on page 40 for details.
Aspect Ratio There are several options to set the aspect ratio depending on your input
source. See "Selecting the aspect ratio" on page 38 for details.
Overscan Adjustment
Conceals the poor picture quality in the four edges. You can also manually press
/ to decide how much to be concealed. Setting 0 means the picture is
100% displayed. The greater the value, the more portion of the picture is
concealed while the screen remains filled and geometrically accurate.
2D Keystone Corrects any keystoning of the picture. See "Correcting picture distortion" on
page 30 for details.
Corner Fit
Adjusts one of the four corners separately to make sure the projected image is
straight. See "Using Corner Fit function" on page 31 for details.
Upon adjusting Corner Fit, if you adjust the aspect ratio or overscan,
Corner Fit will be resetted.
This projector supports playing three-dimensional (3D) content transferred
through your 3D-compatible video devices and contents, such as game
consoles (with 3D game discs), 3D Blu-ray players (with 3D Blu-ray discs), 3D
TV (with 3D channel), and so on. After you have connected the 3D video
devices to the projector, wear the BenQ 3D glasses and make sure the power
is on to view 3D contents.
When watching 3D contents:
• The image may seem misplaced, however, this is not a product
• Take appropriate breaks when watching 3D content.
• Stop watching 3D content if you feel fatigue or discomfort.
• Keep a distance from the screen of about three times the effective
height of the screen when watching 3D content.
• Children and people with a history of oversensitivity to light, heart
problems, or have any other existing medical condition should be
refrained from watching 3D content.
The default setting is Auto and the projector automatically chooses an
appropriate 3D format when detecting 3D contents. If the projector cannot
recognize the 3D format, manually choose a 3D mode according to your
When this function is enabled:
• The brightness level of the projected image decreases.
• The Picture Mode cannot be adjusted.
• The 2D Keystone can only be adjusted within limited degrees.
The function is accessible through the remote control.
Teaching Template See "Using the teaching templates" on page 42 for details.
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