Important safety instructions
13. Never attempt to replace the lamp assembly until
the projector has cooled down and is unplugged
from the power supply.
14. When you think service or repair is required,
take the projector only to a suitably qualified
15. Do not attempt to disassemble this projector.
There are dangerous high voltages inside which
may cause death if you should come into contact
with live parts. The only user serviceable part is
the lamp which has its own removable cover. See
page 59.
Under no circumstances should you ever undo or
remove any other covers. Refer servicing only to
suitably qualified professional service personnel.
Please keep the original packing for possible future
shipment. If you need to pack your projector after
use, adjust the projection lens to an appropriate
position, put the lens cushion around the lens, and
fit the lens cushion and projector cushion together
to prevent damage during transportation.
Moisture condensation
Never operate the projector immediately after
moving it from a cold location to a hot location.
When the projector is exposed to such a change
in temperature, moisture may condense on the
crucial internal parts. To prevent the projector
from possible damage, do not use the projector
for at least 2 hours when there is a sudden change
in temperature.
Avoid volatile liquids
Do not use volatile liquids, such as insecticide or
certain types of cleaner, near the projector. Do
not have rubber or plastic products touching the
projector for a long time. They will leave marks on
the finish. If cleaning with a chemically treated
cloth, be sure to follow the cleaning product’s
safety instructions.
This product contains the following materials
which are harmful to human bodies and
Lead, which is contained in solder.
Mercury, which is used in the lamp.
To dispose of the product or used lamps, consult
your local environment authorities for regulations.
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