48 Using the projector
Operating in a high altitude environment
We recommend that you activate High Altitude when your environment is higher than 1500 meters
(around 4920 feet) above sea level, or whenever the projector will be used for extended periods of time
(>10 hours) without shutdown.
To activate High Altitude:
1. Press MENU/EXIT and then press / until the System Setup: Advanced menu is highlighted.
2. Press to highlight High Altitude.
3. Press / to select On. A confirmation message is displayed.
4. Highlight Ye s and press MODE/ENTER.
Operation under High Altitude may cause a higher decibel operating noise level because of increased fan
speed necessary to improve overall system cooling and performance.
If you use this projector under other extreme conditions excluding the above, it may display auto shut-down
symptoms, which is designed to protect your projector from over-heating. In cases like this, you should
switch to High Altitude to solve these symptoms. However, this is not to state that this projector can
operate under any and all harsh or extreme conditions.
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