Using the projector
The 3D Color Management provides six sets (RGBCMY) of colors to be adjusted to favorite colors.
When you select each color, you can independently adjust its color range and saturation according to
your preference.
To adjust and store the settings:
1. In the Picture menu, highlight Advanced... and press MODE/
ENTER. Then, highlight 3D Color Management and press
MODE/ENTER. The 3D Color Management page is displayed.
2. Highlight Primary Color and press / to select a color from
among Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow.
3. Press to highlight Hue and press / to select the color range
you wish to make adjustment. The bigger the range, the more
proportions of its two adjacent colors the color contains.
Please refer to the illustration to the right for how the colors relate
to each other. For example, if you select Red and set its range at 0,
only pure red is selected. Increasing its range will include both the red color close to yellow and red
color close to magenta.
Press to highlight Saturation and adjust the color saturation level by pressing / .
If you select Red and set its range at 0, only the saturation of the pure red will be affected.
Saturation is the amount of that color in a video picture. Lower settings produce less saturated
colors; a setting of “0” removes that color from the image entirely. If the saturation is too high, that
color will be overpowering and unrealistic.
4. To leave and save the settings, press MENU/EXIT.
Red Yellow Green
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