36 Using the projector
Setting a preferred color temperature
To set a preferred color temperature:
1. Highlight Color Temperature and select Cool, Normal, Warm or Lamp Native by pressing
/ on the projector or remote control.
2. Press to highlight Color Temperature Fine Tuning and press MODE/ENTER. The Color
Temperature Fine Tuning page is displayed.
3. Press / to highlight the item you want to change and adjust the values by pressing / .
Red Gain/Green Gain/Blue Gain: Adjusts the contrast levels of Red, Green, and Blue.
Red Offset/Green Offset/Blue Offset: Adjusts the brightness levels of Red, Green, and Blue.
4. To save and leave the settings, press MENU/EXIT.
Selecting a Gamma setting
Highlight Gamma Selection and select a preferred setting by pressing / on the projector or
remote control.
Gamma refers to the relationship between input source and picture brightness.
• Gamma 1.6/1.8/2.0/BenQ
Select these values according to your preference.
• Gamma 2.2
Increases the average brightness of the picture. Best for a lit environment, meeting room or family
• Gamma 2.4/2.5/2.6
Best for viewing movies in a darkened environment.
• Gamma 2.8
Best for viewing movies which are mostly composed of dark scenes.
Adjusting Brilliant Color
This feature utilizes a new color-processing algorithm and system level enhancements to enable higher
brightness while providing truer, more vibrant colors in picture. When set to Off, Brilliant Color is
Color Management
In most installation situations, color management will not be necessary, such as in classroom, meeting
room, or lounge room situations where lights remain on, or where building external windows allow
daylight into the room.
Only in permanent installations with controlled lighting levels such as boardrooms, lecture theaters, or
home theaters, should color management be considered. Color management provides fine color control
adjustment to allow for more accurate color reproduction, should you require it.
Proper color management can only be achieved under controlled and reproducible viewing conditions.
You will need to use a colorimeter (color light meter), and provide a set of suitable source images to
measure color reproduction. These tools are not provided with the projector, however, your projector
supplier should be able to provide you with suitable guidance, or even an experienced professional
High Brightness
Low Contrast
Low Brightness
High Contrast
1.6 1.8 2.0 2.2 2.4 2.5 2.8
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