Using the projector
Advanced picture quality controls
There are more advanced functions in the Picture > Advanced... menu to be adjusted to your
preference. To save the settings, just press MENU/EXIT to leave the OSD menu.
Setting Black Level
Highlight Black Level and press / on the projector or remote control to select 0 IRE or 7.5 IRE.
The grayscale video signal is measured in IRE units. In some areas which use NTSC TV standard, the
grayscale is measured from 7.5 IRE (black) to 100 IRE (white); however, in other areas where PAL
equipment or Japanese NTSC standards are used, the grayscale is measured from 0 IRE (black) to 100 IRE
(white). We suggest that you check the input source to see if it is with 0 IRE or 7.5 IRE, then select
Setting Noise Reduction
You may have static or noisy projected pictures. Noise Reduction reduces electrical image noise caused
by different media players. The higher the setting, the less the noise.
To achieve better picture clarity:
Highlight Noise Reduction and adjust the level by pressing / on the projector or remote control.
Selecting a color temperature*
Highlight Color Temperature and select a preferred setting by pressing / on the projector or
remote control.
There are several color temperature settings available.
1. Lamp Native: With the lamp’s original color temperature and higher brightness. This setting is
suitable for environments where high brightness is required, such as projecting pictures in well lit
2. Warm: Makes pictures appear reddish white.
3. Normal: Maintains normal colorings for white.
4. Cool: Makes pictures appear bluish white.
*About color temperatures:
There are many different shades that are considered to be "white" for various purposes. One of the
common methods of representing white color is known as the “color temperature”. A white color with
a low color temperature appears to be reddish white. A white color with a high color temperature
appears to have more blue in it.
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