Using the projector
Each time you change the picture mode, the projector also changes the setting to the one which was last set
for that particular picture mode on that particular input. If you change the input source, the most recently
used picture mode and settings for that input and resolution will be restored.
Setting the User 1/User 2 mode
There are two user-definable modes if the current available picture modes are not suitable for your need.
You can use one of the picture modes (except the selected User mode) as a starting point and customize
the settings.
1. In the Picture menu, highlight Picture Mode and press / to select User 1 or User 2 mode.
2. Press to highlight Reference Mode.
This function is only available when User 1 or User 2 mode is selected up in the Picture Mode sub-menu
3. Press / to highlight a picture mode that is closest to your need.
4. Press to select a sub-menu item to be changed and adjust the value with /. See "Fine-tuning
the picture quality" on page 34 and "Advanced picture quality controls" on page 35 for details.
5. When all settings have been done, press MENU/EXIT to save and leave the settings.
Renaming user modes
You can change User 1 and User 2 to the names easy to be identified or understood by the users of this
projector. The new name can be up to 12 characters including English letters (A-Z, a-z), digits (0-9), and
space (_).
To rename user modes:
1. Make sure you have selected User 1 or User 2 as your picture mode.
If you are not under User 1 or User 2 mode, the projector will automatically select User 1 as the user mode
to rename.
2. In the Picture menu, highlight Rename User Mode and press MODE/ENTER to display the
virtual keypad.
3. Use // / and ENTER keys to select the letters on the virtual keypad to type in desired name.
4. When done, press MENU/EXIT to leave the virtual keypad.
Resetting the picture mode
All of the adjustments you’ve done in the Picture menu can be returned to the factory preset values
with a key press on the highlight of Reset.
To reset the picture mode to the preset factory values:
1. In the Picture menu, highlight Picture Mode and press / to select the picture mode (including
User 1 or User 2) you want to reset.
2. Press to highlight Reset Picture Settings and press MODE/ENTER.
3. Press / to select Current or All Picture modes and press MODE/ENTER. The confirmation
message is displayed.
4. Press / to highlight Reset and press MODE/ENTER. The picture mode will return to the
factory preset settings.
5. Repeat steps 1-4 if you want to reset other picture modes.
Do not confuse the Reset Picture Settings function here with the Reset All Settings in the System Setup:
Advanced menu. The Reset All Settings function returns most of the settings to the factory preset
values system wide. See "Reset All Settings" on page 58 for details.
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