32 Using the projector
Using the preset and user modes
Selecting a preset mode
The projector is preset with several pre-defined picture modes so that you can choose one to suit your
operating environment and input source picture type.
To select a picture mode that suits your need:
• Press MODE/ENTER repeatedly until your desired mode is
Using the OSD menu
1. Press MENU/EXIT and then press / until the Picture menu is
2. Press to highlight Picture Mode.
3. Press / until your desired mode is selected.
These modes consist of preset values suitable for various projection situations as described
Bright: Maximizes the brightness of the projected image. This mode is suitable for environments
where extra-high brightness is required, such as using the projector in well lit rooms.
Presentation: Is designed for presentations. The brightness is emphasized in this mode to match PC
and notebook coloring.
sRGB: Maximizes the purity of RGB colors to provide true-to-life images regardless of brightness
setting. It is most suitable for viewing photos taken with an sRGB compatible and properly calibrated
camera, and for viewing PC graphic and drawing applications such as AutoCAD.
Cinema: Is appropriate for playing colorful movies, video clips from digital cameras or DVs through
the PC input for best viewing in a blackened (little light) environment.
3D: This projector supports playing three-dimensional (3D) content transferred through your 3D-
compatible video devices and contents, such as game consoles (with 3D game discs), 3D Blu-ray players
(with 3D Blu-ray discs), 3D TV (with 3D channel), and so on.
When watching 3D contents:
• The image may seem misplaced, however, this is not a product malfunction.
• Take appropriate breaks when watching 3D content.
• Stop watching 3D content if you feel fatigue or discomfort.
• Keep a distance from the screen of about three times the effective height of the screen when watching
3D content.
• Children and people with a history of oversensitivity to light, heart problems, or have any other
existing medical condition should be refrained from watching 3D content.
User 1/User 2: Recalls the customized settings. See "Setting the User 1/User 2 mode" on page 33
for details.
Fine-tuning the selected picture mode
The pre-defined picture mode settings can be altered via the available items shown in the Picture menu.
To fine-tune the picture mode:
1. Press MENU/EXIT and then press / until the Picture menu is highlighted.
2. Press to highlight the item you want to adjust and press / to set your desired value. Your
selection is automatically stored in the projector and associated with that input source.
See "Fine-tuning the picture quality" on page 34 and "Advanced picture quality controls" on page 35
for details.
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