24 Using the projector
Selecting an input source
The projector can be connected to multiple equipment at the same
time. When the projector is first turned on, it will attempt to
reconnect with the input source which was in use when the projector
was last shut down.
To select the video source:
Using the remote control
Press one of the Source keys on the remote control.
Using the OSD menu
Press SOURCE and then press / until your desired signal is selected
and press MODE/ENTER.
Once detected, the selected source information will be displayed
on the screen for seconds. If there are multiple pieces of
equipment connected to the projector, you can go back to the
source selection bar again to search for other signals.
Using Quick Search
If you want the projector to automatically search for the signals:
1. Press MENU/EXIT to turn the OSD menu on.
2. Press / to highlight the Source menu.
3. Press to highlight Quick Search menu.
4. Press / to toggle the function On.
NOTE: When automatically searching for a
valid input source, the projector cycles
through the available signals following the
sequence from top to bottom as the source
selection bar shows.
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