Using the projector
Using the projector
1. Plug in and turn all of the connected equipment on.
2. If not already in, plug the supplied power cable into the AC inlet
on the rear of the projector.
3. Plug the power cable into a wall power outlet and turn the wall
switch on.
Please use the original accessories (e.g. power cable) only with the
device to avoid possible dangers such as electric shock and fire.
Turning the projector on
Follow the steps below
1. Make sure the Power light is orange after power has been applied.
2. Press POWER on the projector or ON on the remote control to
start the projector. As soon as the lamp lights up, a "Power On
To n e " will be heard.
To turn off the ring tone, see "Turning off the Power On/Off Ring
Tone" on page 41 for details.
3. The fans will start operating, and a start-up image will be displayed
on the screen for a few seconds while it warms up.
The projector will not respond to further commands while it is warming up.
4. If you are prompted for a password, press the arrow keys to enter a six-digit password. See "Utilizing
the password function" on page 26 for details.
5. Press one of the Source keys on the remote control, or press SOURCE on the projector repeatedly
until your desired signal is selected. See "Selecting an input source" on page 24 for details.
6. If the horizontal frequency of the input source exceeds the range of the projector, the message "No
Signal" will be displayed on the screen. This message will remain on-screen until you change the input
source to an appropriate one.
If you attempt to re-start the projector shortly after shutdown, the fans may run for a few minutes to cool
down. Press Power again to start the projector after the fans stop and the Power indicator light
turns orange.
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