22 Connecting to video equipment
Connecting a computer
Connect the projector to a computer with a VGA cable.
Many laptops do not turn on their external video ports when connected to a projector. Usually a key
combination like Fn + F3 or CRT/LCD key turns the external display on/off. Locate a function key
labeled CRT/LCD or a function key with a monitor symbol on the laptop. Press Fn and the labeled
function key simultaneously. Refer to your laptop's documentation to discover your laptop's key
Connecting a monitor
If you want to view your presentation close-up on a monitor as well as on the screen and the
MONITOR OUT jack is available on your projector, you can connect the MONITOR OUT signal
output jack on the projector.
The MONITOR OUT only works when an appropriate D-Sub input is made to the PC jack.
If you wish to use this connection method when the projector is in standby mode, make sure the Monitor
Out function is turned on in the System Setup: Advanced menu. See "Monitor Out" on page 58 for
VGA cable
Audio cable
Audio cable
Laptop or desktop
VGA to DVI cable
VGA cable
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