20 Connecting to video equipment
Connecting MHL devices
MHL (Mobile High-definition Link) supports uncompressed HD video (1080/30p) and audio (7.1
surround sound) transmission between compatible devices like smartphones, tablets and other mobile
devices. It provides pure digital viewing and listening experience. You should use an MHL cable when
making connection between the projector and MHL devices.
Not all mobile devices are MHL compatible. Consult with you mobile device manufacturer to verify MHL
compatibility of your device.
Connecting S-Video devices
Connect the projector to your S-Video device with an S-Video cable. The audio connections are
provided for informational purposes only. You can also connect a separate audio cable to a suitable audio
MHL device: Smartphones,
Tablets, etc.
MHL cable
AV equipment: DVD player,
digital tuner, camcorder
S-Video cable
Audio cable
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