18 Positioning your projector
Shifting the projection lens
The lens shift control provides flexibility for installing your projector. It allows the projector to be
positioned off the center of the screen.
The lens shift is expressed as a percentage of the projected image height or width. It is measured as an
offset from the projected image’s vertical or horizontal center. You can shift the projection lens in vertical
directions within the allowable range depending on your desired image position. For SU922 and
SW921, the maximum vertical shift is 5% from the vertical center. For SX920, the maximum vertical
shift is 15% from the vertical center. For all three models, horizontal shift is not available.
To shift the lens vertically:
1. Press down lightly on the lens adjustment panel cover switch (indicated by the three dots) to click it
2. Lift the lens adjustment panel cover up.
3. Turn the lens shift ring to adjust the projected image position.
4. When done, press down and click close the lens adjustment panel cover.
Lens shift adjustment will not result in a degraded picture quality. In the unlikely event that the image
distortion is produced, see "Adjusting the projected image" on page 29 for details.
When the screen position is fixed
When the projector position is fixed
Range of
Center of lens
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