14 Positioning your projector
Obtaining a preferred projected image size
The distance from the projector lens to the screen, the zoom setting, and the video format each factors
in the projected image size. The diagrams from pages 15 to 17 offer recommendations on projection
distances and screen sizes.
This projector is equipped with a movable lens. See "Shifting the projection lens" on page 18 for details.
You can see the diagrams from pages 15 to 17 for the vertical offset values in the dimension tables that
are measured when the lens is shifted fully up or down.
If you place the projector in a different position (to that recommended), you will have to tilt it down or
up to center the image on the screen. In these situations, some image distortion will occur. Use the
Keystone function to correct the distortion. See "Correcting picture distortion" on page 30 for details.
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