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If the setting for [Voice Guide]
(P.99) is [On], [Text Language]
will be set using the same settings as
[Language] (P.81).
If the setting for [Voice Guide]
(P.99) is [On], the [Text Language]
cannot be changed.
To set [Text Language], first change
the settings for [Voice Guide] to [Off].
This recorder can read text in txt, html,
doc, docx and pdf file formats.
Proper nouns such as the names of
individuals, names of places, names of
organizations and symbols, acronyms
and foreign languages may not be read
The recorder does not support
character codes other than ANSI, UTF-8,
and UTF-16.
Setting the scope to be read aloud
[HTML TTS setting]
It is possible to narrow down the portions to
be read aloud for files in HTML format.
[Main sentences only]:
Reads out the main portions of the
text. In the file list screen, files with the
suffix “_main.txt” are displayed.
[All sentences]:
Reads out all portions that can be read
aloud. In the file list screen, files with
the suffix “_all.txt” are displayed.
Depending on the file, some portions
may not be read aloud.
Importing DAISY contents
[DAISY Import]
The recorder can be connected to CD drives
using the built-in USB connector to directly
import DAISY contents.
Connect the recorder to a CD drive.
Use the provided USB adapter when
Insert the CD in the CD drive.
Imported DAISY contents will be stored
in the [DAISY] folder.
The recorder is compatible with DAISY
version 2.0/2.02.
To stabilize data import, operate an
external CD/DVD with AC power.
Processing may take a few minutes.
Before starting the process, be sure you
have sufficient power to complete the
process. During processing, to prevent
damage to the data DO NOT perform
any of the following actions.
1 Disconnect the USB cable during
2 Remove the batteries during
3 If the recording media is an SD
card, remove the SD card during
4 Turn off the CD/DVD drive during
5 Remove the CD during processing.
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