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Skipping in hierarchical units
[Skip Mode]
DAISY contents are divided in units of
chapters, sections, paragraphs and pages,
and it is possible to jump quickly from one
location to another.
You can use the voice recognition
function to skip to the target
page (P.31).
While stopped in [DAISY] mode, you can
skip to the target page by vocalizing the
page number as “page XX”.
The voice recognition function supports
up to 300 pages.
1 Press the 2 or 3 button to select
the skip mode.
Indicates chapters, sections,
paragraphs, etc. in DAISY contents.
Example: [Level 1] is equivalent to
chapters, [Level 2] is equivalent to
sections and [Level 3] is equivalent to
A portion within a section is called
a “Group”. Groups can be set at the
beginning and/or end of diagram
Equivalent to a page in a book.
When reading a text aloud, there
are breathing intervals between
sentences. The audio between this
interval and the next interval is called
a “Sentence”.
Equivalent to phrases and idioms.
Indicates a location where an index
mark (bookmark) is set.
* Choose from skip levels [Level 1] to
[Level 6] when you select [Section].
Depending on the DAISY contents,
there may not be any corresponding
dividing units.
Changing the character code
The character code used to display text can
be changed in accordance with the character
code of the text file transferred to the [Tex t
Speech] folder in the recorder.
[ANSI] [UTF-8] [UTF-16]:
Set in accordance with the displayed
Changing the language for reading
out text [Text Language]
When the characters in a text file transferred
to the [Text Speech] folder in the recorder
are not displayed correctly, you can change
the character code used to display the text.
[Čeština] [Dansk] [Deutsch] [English]
[Español] [Français] [Italiano]
[Nederlands] [Polski] [Русский]
Change as required.
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