Device menu [Device Menu]
Device menu [Device Menu]
When [
Change password
] is selected:
1 Press the 2 or 3 button to select
2 Press the `OK button.
When [Password changed] is
displayed, the procedure is completed.
Connecting a device to the voice recorder
1 Turn ON the
of the voice recorder.
2 Operate the voice recorder to
display the SSID and password
on the screen.
3 Change the configuration of the
device to be connected.
When configuring a smartphone:
Use the QR* code or SSID and
password displayed using the [Wi-Fi
connection] function to configure
the smartphone. For details, see
the instruction manual for your
* To use QR codes, you must install a
special application beforehand.
A special application is provided for
smartphones. If the special application
is installed on your smartphone, you
can easily use QR codes to configure
the phone (P.106).
While the Wi-Fi ON/OFF switch is turned
ON, the [Power Save] function is disabled.
If the voice recorder is left in this state,
battery life will be consumed quickly.
While the Wi-Fi ON/OFF switch is turned
ON, [Change password] is not available.
To perform [Change password], turn OFF
the Wi-Fi ON/OFF switch.
When Wi-Fi is connected, battery
life is shorter. If the battery runs out
during data transfer, the data may be
damaged. Therefore, when using a
Wi-Fi connection we recommend that
you use the AC adapter included with
the voice recorder.
Operation of the Wi-Fi ON/OFF switch
is disabled during recording. Perform
switch operations while recording is
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