Device menu [Device Menu]
Device menu [Device Menu]
Play Menu:
Voice Playback: Off
Noise Cancel: Off
Voice Balancer: Off
Play Mode:
Playback range: File
Repeat: Off
Skip Space:
Forward Skip: File Skip
Reverse Skip: File Skip
Transcription Mode: Off
LCD/Sound Menu:
Lighting Time: 10 sec.
Dim light time: 30 sec.
Brightness: 2
Beep: 3
Language: English
Voice Guide:
On/Off: On
Speed: 100
Volume: 3
Speaker: On
Device Menu:
Memory Select: Internal memory
Power Save: 10 min.
USB Settings: Storage Class
Book Menu:
Skip Mode: Section
Characters: ANSI
Text Language: English
HTML TTS setting: Main sentences only
Formatting a recording media
Formatting a recording media erases all
existing files saved on it. Be sure to transfer all
important files to a PC before formatting.
See “Formatting a recording media
[Format]” (P.101) for the procedure.
Checking recording media
information [Memory Info.]
You can display the capacity and remaining
memory space of the recording media from a
menu screen.
Some recording media memory
capacity is used as a management
area, so the actual usable capacity
will always be slightly less than the
displayed capacity.
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