Device menu [Device Menu]
Device menu [Device Menu]
Selecting the recording media
[Memory Select]
When there is an SD card in the voice
recorder, you can select whether to record
on the internal memory or on the SD card
[Internal memory]:
Records to internal memory.
[SD card]:
Records to the SD card.
Setting power save mode
[Power Save]
The voice recorder turns OFF automatically
when a preset amount of time has elapsed
while the voice recorder is in stop mode after
power ON.
[5 min.] [10 min.] [30 min.] [1 hr.] [2hr.]
[3 hr.]:
Select the desired amount of time.
Disables power save mode. Note that
leaving the voice recorder On will
quickly deplete the battery.
Setting the date/time
[Time & Date]
Set the date and time beforehand to enable
easier management of recorded files.
1 Press the 9 or 0 button to
select the desired setting item.
The voice recognition function can
be used in this setting (P.31).
2 Press the 2 or 3 button to
change the number.
To change another item, use the 9
or 0 button to move flashing
position and use the 2 or 3 button to
change the number.
3 Press the `
button to finalize
the setting.
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