LCD/Sound menu [LCD/Sound Menu]
Setting the backlight [Backlight]
The display backlights are switched on for
a preset amount of time when a button
operation is performed.
1 Press the 2 or 3 button to select
Lighting Time
], [
Dim light time
or [
[Lighting Time]:
Set the time between when the
backlight is turned ON and the screen
display becomes dim.
[Dim light time]:
Set the time between when the screen
becomes dim and the screen is turned
Set the brightness of the backlight.
2 Press the 2 or 3 button to select
the setting.
When [
Lighting Time
] is selected:
[5 sec.] [10 sec.] [30 sec.] [1 min.]
[Always ON]
When [
Dim Light time
] is selected:
[30 sec.] [1 min.] [2 min.] [5 min.]
[Always ON]
When [
] is selected:
[01] [02] [03]
Setting the LED indicator light
You can set the unit so that the LED indicator
light does not light.
LED indicator light is switched on.
The LED indicator does not light.
Turning beeping sound ON/OFF
The voice recorder makes beeping sounds
when buttons are pressed, or to warn in case
of operation errors. You can select whether
the voice recorder makes these beeping
Select from [5] to [0].
As greater the number, the louder the
beep sound.
The starting tune/closing tune when
the power is turned On/Off (P.16,
P.24) can be controlled by the volume
setting [Beep].
LCD/Sound menu [LCD/Sound Menu]
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